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Biotone Sol shatchet

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

 Active Ingredient
1 Sachet (15mL) contains :
Royal Jelly ----------------------- 300mg
Wheat Germ Oil ----------------- 750mg
Pollen Extract ----------------- 3,000mg
Honey ------------------------- 5,000mg
- To improve heart function and blood circulation
- To improve concentration
- To prevent senile wasting disease
- To achieve the body recovery
Adults and children over 15 years
- For general disease: Take 1 Sachet once a day before breakfast
- For severe disease: Take 2~3 Sachets a day




Good memory! Super endurance!
CHO-A BITONE is a health functional food, an upgrade version of ‘BIOTONE.’ It was developed by adding red ginseng and octacosanol ingredients while maintaining original ingredients and contents of existing BIOTONE.
Physical strength, memory and endurance will be improved after using CHO-A BITONE.
Memory improvement, endurance enhancement, immunity enhancement, and fatigue improvement
Memory improvement and endurance enhancement at once!
CHO-A BITONE is a health functional food that contains red ginseng, octacosanol, royal jelly, pollen extract, wheat germ oil, and honey. Red ginseng, which is a functional ingredient for memory improvement, and Octacosanol, which is a functional ingredient for endurance enhancement, are the main ingredients. 
CHO-A BITONE is a representative health functional food of CHO-A Pharm. Co., LTD that can improve memory, enhance endurance, and improve antioxidant activity ∙ immunity through complex synergism of 6 natural ingredients.
CHO-A BIOTONE together with  world-famous soccer club, Manchester United
CHO-A PHARM became the first official partner of a world-famous soccer club, Manchester United among pharmaceutical companies in the world. 
Like dynamic image of Man United players heading a soccer ball, CHO-A BITONE improves memory, enhances endurance, improves antioxidant activity and immunity through complex synergy effect.



What do you need when the D-Day approaches?
We need memory and endurance as the D-day approaches. CHO-A BITONE is helpful on improving memory and endurance.
Dosage and Administration
Amount and method of intake 
Take 1 Sachet a day



■Type of food : food supplement
■Producer and Place of Production, indicate importer if applicable : CHO-A PHARM.CO.LTD
  318 Gwangjeong-ro, Haman-myeon, Haman-gun, Gyeongsannam-do, Korea
■Date of Production, Expiry Date or Best Before : 2015-02 (2 years from the date of manufacture)
■Product Weight (Contents) Per Package, Number of Packages: 20mLX30sachet(1month)
■Material and conten : Red Ginseng extract, oktakosanol mixture containing oktakosanol keep powder, pollen extract powder, honey, wheat germ oil, lyophilized royal jelly etc.
■Nutrition facts Calories : Calories 50kcal, Carbohydrate 10g(3%), Sugars 6g, Protein 1g(1%), Saturated fat 1.2g(2%), Sodium 0mg(0%), Ginsenoside Rg1, Rb1, and the sum of Rg3 3.5 mg, Oktakosanol 7.5 mg
※( ) % Nutrient reference values: 1 days rate for the nutrient reference values
■ Features Information
   ① that can help promote immunity
   ② fatigue may help to improve
   ③ can help the blood flow through the inhibition of platelet aggregation
   ④ that can help improve memory
   ⑤ that antioxidants can help
   ⑥ can help to promote endurance
■Dosage, intake method, and caution Dosage, intake method : Take 1 Sachet a day
■Ingestion Notices : Please note that the drug (diabetes, blood anticoagulant) ingested doses.
For who is allergic to idiosyncratic minutes and pollen (pollen) and the components of this product you consume after confirmation.
Be careful not to hurt the gaebongbu and edges.
It may result in precipitation by taking raw ingredients to shake.